1. Closeup mint toothpaste 

Closeup mint toothpaste is probably the most familiar product line to us. Close up mint toothpaste also acts as a whitening toothpaste that the Perlite essence of the product line also makes your teeth whiter. That is why Close up mint toothpaste is one of the most popular products to help whiten teeth at home. Before the release of other products such as Close up toothpaste black, Close up peppermint,... Closeup mint toothpaste was very popular with consumers because of its cool feeling when used as well as giving you an extremely fresh breath.

Closeup mint toothpaste 

2. Close up toothpaste green

Close up toothpaste green is a product that makes a strong impression when applying modern technology to eliminate unhealthy substances, bringing optimal products to consumers.

Instead of struggling to find a recipe to whiten your teeth with baking soda, lemon, or coconut oil, you have a faster, safer option. The ice crystal formula of Close up toothpaste green will help whiten your teeth and give you fresh breath from the moment you use it.

In addition, Close up toothpaste green also has the effect of dislodging all odor-causing bacteria, plaque, and other harmful oral risks. In this feature, not only Close up toothpaste green can help but also all Close up toothpaste types.

Close up toothpaste green

3. Close up toothpaste black

Close up toothpaste black

With Close up toothpaste black, you will feel the ultimate freshness and give extremely fresh breath.

The activated carbon ingredient in Close up toothpaste black has an important function of removing stains, preventing tooth decay and bad breath. Your oral cavity will also be pH-neutralized, helping to limit bad breath.

4. Close up toothpaste diamond attraction

Close up toothpaste diamond attraction

This is one of the new generation teeth whitening products that you must own. When used regularly, Close up toothpaste diamond attraction will return the white color of tooth enamel, giving you naturally bright white teeth.

If you intend to use teeth whitening products, you may have to reconsider when you come across Close up White Attraction Diamond toothpaste. With unique Blue Light technology, you get an instant bright smile after just one brush. This is a great use for people with busy work schedules.

5. Close up toothpaste distributor

Close up toothpaste distributor

Close up toothpaste is so popular with customers and widely distributed in the FMCG company Vietnam. So, if you are looking for a Close up distributor or the cheapest price for Close up toothpaste products, G&G FMCG companies in Vietnam will be a good choice. 

We offer the best teeth whitening toothpaste including Close up, so you can find all close up toothpaste flavors and close up toothpaste types here. 

Above is some information about Close up toothpaste brand. Hope that we can help you choose the best Close up toothpaste for you!

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